Since its inception, BC CEC has advocated for students with exceptionalities—those with disabilities and special challenges as well as those with gifts and talents.

BC CEC is committed to individuals who work with students with exceptionalities — educators, support personnel and parents — recognizing that these dedicated people require tools, resources and professional opportunities to perform their jobs well.

BC CEC supports these individuals by providing educational workshops and conferences on leading best practices throughout the year. 


BC CEC’s past workshops include:

  • Spring 2016: Parent Night: Supporting My Child with Anxiety – Presented By Michelle Srdanovic, M.A., R.C.C.
  • Spring 2016: Universal Design for Learning All Means All! – Presented By Dr. Pat Mirenda
  • Fall 2015: The ASD-Friendly Classroom – Presented By Allison Adams, M.A.
  • Spring 2015: Mental Health Issues in Those with FASD – Presented by Dan Dubovsky, MSW
  • Spring 2015: Raising a Person with FASD – Presented by Dan Dubovsky, MSW
  • Winter 2015: OCD in the Classroom: Designing a Toolbox for Teachers – Presented By Dr. Katherine Martinez